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Officials in Boulder, Colorado, are closing their main library after it was found that patrons smoked methamphetamine in the bathrooms.

Concerning levels of the narcotic were found in the air ducts connected to six of the library’s restrooms, according to an announcement on the library’s website. City officials made the call after reports of people smoking in the library’s bathrooms the past four weeks.

There is no timeline to reopen the library.

The bathroom air ducts blow out of the building, although it’s unknown at this time if any meth residue accumulated on outside surfaces.  

Testing is being done inside the library to make sure none of the narcotics are contaminating the public areas of the building.

“The question right now is whether these levels, which we’re concerned about, are confined to the exhaust vents in the restrooms or whether the residue has also developed or been deposited on parts of the library that people have more access to,” said Sarah Huntley, spokeswoman for Boulder, according to CBS News Colorado. 

She added, “The biggest concern for methamphetamine contamination in short bursts like that … is if it’s on the surfaces.” 

There were two occasions where city employees were evaluated for potential exposure to meth residue or fumes after experiencing symptoms, but they were cleared of health problems.

The library said there’s no indication that people who’ve recently been to the library or its restrooms face significant health risks.

People were encouraged by officials to check for symptoms of low levels of meth intake, such as headache, nausea, dizziness and fatigue.

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