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DoorDash has introduced more features to keep its drivers safe in a new update.

The new update will reduce the number of notifications a delivery driver receives while out on a delivery. Drivers will still receive some notifications like a change in the delivery address or if the delivery has been reassigned.

Customers will be a part of the update as well. They will be greeted with a message asking them not to text the delivery driver while driving.

However, if a customer needs to send an urgent message to a driver, one-touch replies have been added in the new update as well, allowing drivers to respond to customer texts quickly with easy prompts.

New drivers will also gain access to a demo delivery run. The new program allows new drivers to get a feel for a typical delivery from start to finish.

The safety of delivery drivers has been a growing concern among drivers who use services like DoorDash and other food delivery apps. Drivers say they are incentivized to complete deliveries as quickly as possible, which can lead some to make unsafe choices.

The update is rolling out to all iPhone users and will come to Android phones in the coming months.

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