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A temporary glitch on the DoorDash app allowed customers to place orders without verifying a form of payment. Predictably, some users took advantage of it.

The technical hiccup lasted for an undetermined amount of time on Thursday night, as was first reported by Mashable.

The outlet said that once the glitch went viral on social media, people began placing orders en masse.

That included one person ordering more than $1,900 worth of Don Julio Reposado Tequila, another purchasing over $20,000 worth of seafood and someone else buying up to $275 worth of Plan B contraception pills, according to HuffPost.

Unfortunately, the fun didn’t last forever — and neither did the free ride. Both Mashable and HuffPost reported that DoorDash was charging users retroactively once they fixed the glitch. said Friday that the company was canceling fraudulent orders while also compensating merchants for the lost revenue.

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