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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is Time’s “Person of the Year,” the magazine said Wednesday.

The magazine said Mr. Zelenskyy will share the distinction with the “Spirit of Ukraine.” 

The issue’s cover shows a large image of Mr. Zelenskyy in his trademark army-green garb and fellow Ukrainians with gold and yellow flags and sunflowers, a national symbol.

Mr. Zelenskyy won plaudits from around the world for his bravery and national spirit after Russia invaded his country in February.

He famously told Western leaders, “I Don’t Need A Ride, I Need More Ammunition,” after partner nations offered to get him out Kyiv, the capital.

Instead, he defiantly remained and is frequently photographed in his green T-shirts showing camaraderie with Ukrainian people and forces. He frequently speaks with President Biden and other national leaders to plead for weapons and other assistance.

Ukrainian forces have defied the odds and resisted Russian fighters, pushing them back from Ukraine and freeing Kherson as intense fighting continues in eastern regions.

The article in Time describes how Mr. Zelenskyy took a big risk by visiting Kherson after its liberation.

“My security was 100% against it,” Mr. Zelenskyy said. “They took it hard. They can’t control practically anything in a region that has just been de-occupied. So it’s a big risk, and, on my part, a bit reckless.”

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