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A Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) major will be coming to the MBA program at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in the 2023-24 academic year.

The Ivy League school announced the new degree last month, and is offering the major to prepare students “to face the challenges involved in creating and maintaining organizations that are diverse, inclusive, and rooted in equity.”

“As organizations attempt to harness the contributions of many stakeholders, students who pursue the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion concentration will not only be well prepared for DEI-focused careers, they will also be prepared to be leaders of change in any organizational role,” the school’s announcement said.

Some of the courses offered in the upcoming program include “Big Data, Big Responsibilities” and “Leading Diversity in Organizations,” while others appear to have criminal justice focuses, such as “Reforming Mass Incarceration and the Role of Business” and “Prison Education.”

Stephanie Creary, an assistant professor in the Management Department and who has taught the “Leading Diversity in Organizations” course at the MBA and undergraduate level, said the offerings were in response to student interest.

“In recent years, our students have challenged us to do more to prepare them for the new realities of leadership, which involve creating and sustaining diverse, equitable, and inclusive organizations,” Ms. Creary said in a press release. “However, only recently have we had sufficient coursework to support students’ wishes to become more prepared for DEI-focused careers or leaders of DEI-related change in any organizational role.”

The first-year cost of Wharton’s MBA program is over $118,000, according to the school’s website.

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